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The olive tree has been cultivated in Greece for the last 6,000 years, as evidenced by the pre-Minoan tree of Naxos.

Apart from the tree of Naxos which is classified in the variety "Thrumbolia of the Aegean" there are other Greek olive varieties with a long history.

One of them is also known as "Mastoideis" or otherwise known by the synonyms: Tsounati, Athinolia, Mouratolia, Mourtolia, Matsa, Matsolia, Asprolia, etc.

The Mastoideis variety is a special olive variety that produces excellent quality olive oil and is cultivated mainly in the Peloponnese and Crete.

The official name "Mastoid" is a "modern scientific" name given to it in order to reduce the confusion surrounding it and its synonyms.

What causes particular interest in this variety, apart from the very old trees that exist in Crete and the Peloponnese, is the names of "Athinolia", "Mourtolia" and "Mouratolia".

Interpreting these synonyms, the name "Athinolia" should in no case be considered as a "geographic designation" of the variety, but a designation that indicates the creator of the variety and in particular the goddess Athena.

That is, Mastoides is the variety of the tame olive that the goddess Athena gave to the Athenians.

This conclusion results from the fact that there is no Greek variety of olive which has the suffix "-elia" or "-lia" and whose entire name indicates the geographical region of origin or place of cultivation of the variety.

In all cases where the names or synonyms end with: "-olive" or "-lia", the first compound, in the vast majority of cases, indicates characteristics of the trees or their way of fruiting or of the fruits or olive oils which they produce, for example: Aetonycholia, Ammolia, Almond, Arvanitolia, Asprolia, Gaidoulia, Licorice, Daphnolia, Thrumbolia, Karydolia, Korakolia, Koutsourelia, Ladolia, Lefkolia, Lianolia, Botsikolia, Matolia, Matzolia, Mavrolia, Melolia, Merolia, Apple tree, Nerolia, Xylolia, Pikrolia, Pitsounolia, Prasinolia, Russolia, Smertolia, Grape tree, Strogylolia, Tragolia, Tsabidolia, Tsabolia, Chondrolia, Psarolia, Psilolia, etc.

When the above varieties also require a geographical designation, then only a second word follows with their geographical designation, e.g.: Lefkolia of Serres, Lianolia of Corfu, etc. In the case of "Athinolia" the geographical designation "Athinolia Sparta" is quite common.

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