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Cold pressing


Olive oil is a product whose quality depends 80% on the variety of the olive tree and 20% on the time and conditions of harvesting and oiling of the olive.
In order to achieve the superior quality of olive oil that the olive tree gives us, we must follow the following steps.

During the harvest

A. Harvest while the fruit is green
B. Avoid injury of the fruit during the harvest.
C. Thorough cleaning of the fruit from the leaves.
D. Collection of olives in ventilated containers.
E. Oiling within a few hours of harvest.

During oiling

A. Very good washing of the olive fruit.
B. Extrusion of the olive fruit for a maximum of 35 minutes.
C. Cold extrusion environment (below 27 °C)
D. Storage of olive oil in stainless steel containers and avoid contact with light, heat and oxygen.

The extra virgin olive oil athenelea comes from cold pressing of the olive fruit at 23 °C.

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